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Keep Older Car Running

Most cars manufactured within the last twenty years have better longevity than their predecessors. Less mechanical parts equals less mechanical failures. They still however have to be maintained. A hundred and fifty thousand miles on a car that is seven to ten years old or older can easily go another hundred thousand or more with proper maintenance and care. It is best to start out with a vehicle with a good solid maintenance record. Most of us know about oil changes and will have the oil changed on a frequent basis and that’s a good start. How many car owners read their owner’s manual? Have you? Be honest. Did you know that brake fluid should be flushed every two years? This may vary depending on your driving habits and region. The same also applies to power steering fluid. Why you ask? These are hydraulic fluids and are under constant high pressure which creates high heat and the byproduct of extreme heat in fluids is water. Over time this moisture builds up and weakens the fluid and leaves your system(s)

Car Gearboxes

Power steering is the result of fluid assisted gears which make it easier to steer the vehicle. Before power steering it took both hands on the steering wheel to keep the vehicle safely on the roadway. By adding hydraulics to the steering box it not only improved safe operation, it provided greater ease and comfort of controlling a motorized vehicle.

Another type of steering mechanism is the rack and pinion steering. This involves a linear gear. Linear means it is not a toothed wheel. It is a long piece of metal with matching ‘teeth’ that the round ‘pinion’ gear controls. The pinion gear is at the end of the steering wheel column, and when you turn the ‘wheel’, the pinion rotates causing the linear ‘rack’ gear to push against the front wheel’s housing connection and the result is changing the direction of the vehicle.

Gears can be used to either speed up, or slow down, the result of applied torque. This is accomplished through gearing ratios which determine the final output. Gears can also be used

Start Car With Weak Battery

If our car battery is older than 18 months then its capacity for recharging and in turn providing adequate power supply to the self-starter to start the car, is considerably reduced. In such cases, the automobile workshops advise us to replace the battery with new ones. Yet, during the intervening periods, we need to know the ways to start the car.

We face similar problem when we keep our car unused for prolonged periods and the battery is discharged on its own.

1. Push Start:

There are two ways to start a car with a weak battery. The first one is our age-old system of ‘Push Start’. The user’s guide provided by the car-manufacturers along with the vehicles do not recommend this way of starting the car. Yet, we have to resort to this way if the car stops in a remote place where there is no other way to move vehicle and reach out for a safer place.

First, make adequate arrangements for moving the car manually. Here are the ways to

Some Steps Drive Sports Car

Step 1: When speeding up, you need to accelerate smoothly. That requires a gradual throttle on the accelerator and not a juddering movement that can cause imbalance on the car. This will help round those corners smoothly like a pro. It is important to remember this as there are many brands of cars that lose balance and stability when the accelerator is jerked suddenly.

Step 2: Never leave the wheels-unless you need to shift gears, of course. Most car racing pros suggest that you glue your hands at the center of the right side and the center of the left side. If you want to round that corner, turn the wheel but do not slide your hands. Keep them in much the same place even if you have to do a complete 90% turn of your wheel-in this case your arms are pretty much crossing with each other already. But this is the most efficient way to manoeuvre that car on corners.

Step 3: If you want to shift, do it in a very smooth motion. That means apply gradual pressure on the gear level to slowly transition to a fast and smooth shifting method. You

Information of Smart Car

Environmentally-friendly. Not only is this small car fuel-efficient, averaging around 40 mpg, but it has several other environmentally-friendly features as well. The smart for two car uses innovative energy-efficient and recyclable materials in its construction. In fact, 95% of the vehicle is recyclable and the dash material is made from recycled synthetics.

Easy to park and drive. The smart car has a very small footprint. At less than 9 feet long, it’s nearly 3 feet shorter than the already diminutive Mini Cooper. Of course, a big reason for that is that it’s only a 2-seater. But the short size means this car is super easy to park, especially in tight spots or short spots where other cars wouldn’t fit. It’s also got a great turning radius that makes it very maneuverable.

Appearance. No one can argue that the smart fortwo car is not unique in its design and appearance. See one, and you will never forget it, whether you like it or not! Many people’s first impression is that it is just so darn cute. When Mercedes Benz brought the smart fortwo car to the United States, they updated its image to be more cutting edge,

Pick Nitro RC Car

Firstly, here are some basics; Nitro RC cars run off a Nitro based fuel which gives them incredible performance and speed. Depending on the size of the model, engine sizes range from 2cc up to 4.5cc and some of these engines develop as much as 4.5hp which is a huge amount of power for their size. They are also incredibly popular. Their performance, choice and affordability mean that they are possible the most popular type of model. There are so many different kinds to choose from but the two basic categories are off road and on road.

Off road Nitro RC cars are buggies and truggies which are built for tough terrain. These models are able to tackle very rough terrain at high speeds whilst still being very balanced. These models speeds and ability off road makes them incredibly popular and extremely contagious. An added bonus is that these rc cars can be used anywhere meaning they are very versatile.

On road rc cars are designed to be used on smooth surfaces. These models are suitable to be used on streets and roads but ideally they are built for the track and some serious off road

About Accessorize Car

Interior style
As far as interior accessories go, there are many on the market, which all can make your interior far more comfortable, luxurious and interesting looking. Adding little additions, such as a steering wheel cover in a smooth leather material will portray the look of luxury to passengers, not to mention make the steering wheel more comfortable and soft under your touch.

Why not style your gear knobs to brighten up your car? Aluminum plated gear knobs give off a great shine, making them a focus point in the car, helping draw away attention from the untidiness of your car. Aluminum gear knobs come in various colours, including silver, platinum red and blue, enabling you to match them with your interior or exterior colour palette.

Plush furnishings for the car are also available, including car seat covers and mats – all of which can be found in various sizes, colours and patterns. These add a bit of nice detail to the interior of the car, covering up all those boring dull colours which can look so boring.

If you are looking for something a bit more outlandish, try different coloured lighting for your car

Drive Car Using Water

-Drive using the correct gear

Always drive in the highest gear possible without dragging the engine for too long. Once you feel you need to change gear, do it.

-Brake slowly

Instead of using the brake to slow down, trying let then car slow down by using engine brake. Use its stored momentum.

-Look way ahead

Stay alert, look ahead of where you are going to drive to. Plan and move gradually.

All these tips and ways to increase fuel consumptions comes down to one advise:
The harder you press on the accelerator pedal, the more fuel you use, the more money you need to spend on fuel.

For people who are spending around US$70 per month on fuel, this 20% fuel efficiency would help you save around US$840 per year. Imagine what you can do with the amount saved. You can either take your family for a quick weekend getaway or invest in a new technology that can convert your conventional car to run on both water and fuel just like those hybrid cars on the market.

Gas Mileage With Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are highly environmentally friendly as the pollutants driven out of hybrids are much less compared to conventional cars. The hybrid car works on the perfect optimal alternate changes of gas engines and electric engines. Based on the speed of the car, the fuel consumption and wastage are less and hence the hybrid vehicle can provide more mileage in city as well as highway driving.

To get the best gasoline mileage possible, it is important that you take great care with your driving habits. Here are 10 tips for getting the best gas mileage with your hybrid car.

Driving habits play a major role in fuel efficiency. It is always advisable to drive in a smooth way, without any jerks or jumps.

Avoid frequent braking, Move with medium speed or speed allowed in the highways, to avoid more braking. Each braking requires more energy.

Always go with a medium speed. For each category of vehicle there will be a range of speeds in which you get maximum fuel efficiency. Make sure that you drive your car within that range. More speed or less speed will demand more fuel.

As hybrid cars switch

Build Own Electric Car

Choose the right car to convert.

It really depends on your purpose for this car. Commuting? Taking kids to school? Entertainment? Hauling stuff?

Believe it or not, but a Porsche 914 is a terrific car to convert to EV but can you afford to? Really any car under ten years old, which is as light-weight as possible and plenty of room for batteries is good.

People have converted VWs, Audis, Nissans, Chevrolets, Pontiacs, Mazdas, Subarus,Hondas, Fiats and Fords. And so on…

In a very small nutshell;

Essentially you remove the donor car’s engine gas tank, exhaust, and clutch. Next you install the electric motor and controller and wire these to the batteries.

Then there is quite a bit of “detail” in between to take care of including a reduction gear, mounting and wiring electric motors for any power steering and air conditioning, and much much more.

Sounds easy? No, it isn’t quite that easy! You need a decent set of step-by-step instructions to work your way towards your own electric car.

Getting a heart for your frame, the electric motor

Converted electric cars usually use something between 96 volts

Make Solar Powered Car

You must think about design of the solar car. Here are a few items of interest to go along with the design you come up with:

  • Cost: You don’t need to spend a fortune.
  • Weight: Heavy solar vehicles will reduce speed and distance so keep your solar car light.
  • Materials: If you can’t find the exact material needed you can always improvise.
  • Durability: Will your final products start to crumble under the pressure of distance and velocity?
  • The track or runway: You don’t need a track but you should consider using a smooth surface to run your vehicle on.


– Solar cells and Panels
– 2 1.5V AA batteries
– Pulleys
– Gears
– Wheels
– Electric hobby motor
– Wire
– Elastics
– Fishing line
– Skewers or Chop Stix
– Metal coat hangers
– Straws
– Light-weight recyclable materials
– Alligator clip test leads
– Duct tape
– Corrugated cardboard


For your first try with you solar vehicle it’s recommended to use two panels of solar cells. Each panel will consist of two cells. The panels will have leads through the ends of the panels for a direct circuit connection.┬áThe solar cells

Right Gear For The Sport

Many other sports have specific protective gear that everyone accepts as normal. Touch football in the back yard is one thing; high school, college or professional football is another. These players wouldn’t dream of going out onto that field without their protective gear.

As motorcyclists, we should feel the same way about our sport. We should be taking every precaution we can to avoid injury and, if something does happen, to minimize the damage to our bodies. It really bothers me to see someone on a motorcycle wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops.

Although this is about safety, there is one other aspect that does affect us as motorcyclists. When a rider is severely injured or killed in an accident, it reflects on us and the public perception of motorcycling. It also affects our insurance rates. If that death or those injuries could have been avoided by wearing protective gear, it just makes things unnecessarily difficult for the rest of us.

I don’t think I have a right to refuse to use safety precautions and, then, expect you to pay the bills when my injuries make it impossible for me to pay. I personally know

Side Cars For Motorcycles

Attaching a side car changes the aerodynamics of the bike. It no longer rides like a two wheeled vehicle. The forces that run a motorcycle like the centripetal and centrifugal do not come to play. The drag coefficient also increases. The maneuverability of the bike as a two wheeled vehicle is lost. The bike then rides more like a car, but then it’s not a car. Its feel is different. So in case you have been riding motorcycles without a side car you will have to learn how to ride a bike with one attached to it. This is because the bike now has 3 wheels and cutting corners and moving through traffic will require some expertise.

Side cars for motorcycles have been in existence since the turn of the last century. WJ Graham of England was the first man to get the patent in 1903.The twenties and thirties was the hay day period and a lot many were manufactured.This continued in full force during the war years (39-45) and were popular with the Armed forces. The Germans particularly used the side car with telling effect and mounted a machine gun on it. The motorcyclist rode the

Smart Car Engine

To transfer this power to the rear wheels is a 5 speed automated manual single dry clutch plate transmission. The gear ratios are for first gear -3.308, second is -1.913, third is -1.258, fourth is -0.943 and fifth gear is -0.707. The reverse gear ratio is -3.231 and the final drive in the rear end is at -4.529.

The front axle suspension has a lower wishbone with McPherson Struts and an anti roll bar. The rear axle suspension is DeDoin with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers.

The ABS braking system is of dual circuit design with tandem servo assistance. The front brakes are 11 inch discs and the rears are 8 inch drums. This system also has traction control and electronic brake assistance.

This is the breakdown of not only the Smart car engine, but the other main mechanical components that are all standard on this fuel efficient car.

Tips Drive Stick Shift Car

First, when getting into a stick shift car, it is commonplace to have the shifter placed into a gear when the engine is shut off. To start the car, place your foot on the clutch all the way down, then turn the ignition. Once the engine starts, while keeping your foot on the clutch, place the shifter in neutral. Once the shifter is in neutral, you can release the clutch. At this point, keep your foot on the brake and release any handbrake.

Once starting your car, the next step is pulling out onto the street or other motorway where you intend to drive. If you are going to go straight, then keep your foot on the brake, press the clutch, and put your car into first gear. To get the car moving, give the car a little gas–about 2000 rpm is usually good enough. Once you do this, slowly release the clutch about a third of the way to get the car to move. To move a little at a time, release the clutch a little, and then press it again. If you would like to move in reverse, then place your car in reverse gear

Change Gear Fluid

Place your floor jack at the correct position, preferably in the middle of rear axle under the main housing. Elevate until you have enough room to comfortably get under the vehicle on your creeper. Place your jack stands under the rear axle, one on each side of main housing. Make sure they are set high enough and placed correctly in order to give you plenty of room to maneuver on your creeper.

Most rear housing drains are located exactly on the bottom of the main housing; some are located slightly higher and are always located below the fill hole. You’ll need a crescent wrench or an Allen wrench to remove drain plug. Turn the plug counter clockwise until it’s removed and grease will begin to drain. When the housing is empty, pay particular attention to the findings in the bottom of the drain pan. Look for evidence of metal filings. Metal filings indicate some wear on the gears but if there isn’t an excessive amount, don’t worry about it. All gears produce small flakey filings.

Replace your drain plug and make sure you get it tight. Your fill plug will be located on either side of

Car Gear Levers

First gear will provide the greatest force at the driving wheel and is almost always the gear that you will select to get the car in motion. As you speed up, you will need to change up in the gears. Each one will give you less gear force but more road speed. The top gear provides you with the least force, but the widest range of speeds.

Most modern cars will have five speeds, but many newer cars or heavier vehicles will have more. As well as the general gears, there will also be a reverse one. When the car is in neutral, no gear will be engaged.
The clutch links the engine to the road wheels through the gearbox and allows the gradual connection of the engine to the wheels.

Four wheel drive vehicles may have a double gearbox, one will be the standard gears and the other will be a high and low-ratio range gearbox. This effectively will double the number of gears that are available to around 8 or 10. When going off road it is normally the low range that should be used.

Most cars have the same gearing system. The

All about Custom Street Cars

The speed of the car is determined by its acceleration RPM and top speed. Other factors like weight design do matter in making a car zoom through roads. Let’s have a look at the features of some of the best and the fastest street cars of the world.

1996 Ferrari f 50

1996 Ferrari f 50 is one of the fastest street cars in the world today. This car accelerates from a speed of 0-60 miles in a heart throbbing 3.7 seconds. Its acceleration from 0-100 miles takes at about just 8 seconds. Wonder if this car passes by you. The maximum speed of this Ferrari f 50 is 207 miles per hour.

The car is definitely meant to leave the time behind. Buy the one and see your friends and neighbors dying to get a ride.

This is one of its type cars. It is placed at a price of whopping $480,000. Well money is never a problem for those who want the best and own the best. This car weighs 2710 pounds and covers 15-23 miles in a single gallon of gas. With 6 speed manual gear transmission you can enjoy the

Maintenance Gear Pumps

Sometimes, gear pump bearing composes of a specially designed surface layer of PTFE formulations and is specifically applied for the high PV value. It can be used in medium, high-pressure gear pump, ram pump, and vane pumps and so on. As it is without lead, it makes the bearing lubricating condition cleaner, and in accordance with environmental request.

Although there are many other applications that use gear pumps, the most common example is the hydraulic gear pump that is used in the transmissions of many vehicles. Since it is so commonly used on vehicles, the proper maintenance becomes rather necessary because good maintenance tips might be able to save you the considerable expense.

The most important component you should pay attention to is the gear pump bearing because defective bearings allow the gears in the pump to shift position in the chamber, rather than remaining straight and true. Thus, you should check them to ensure their proper performance. And if pump bearings have some problems, you have to remove them by using a bearing puller.

Besides, you should check the teeth in the gears for signs of wear and tear. A brand new gear pump

Information of Exotic Sports Cars

Lets face it most of us will never own one of them, most of us will never even get to drive or sit in an exotic sports car. We just have to make so with editions of the latest `Top Gear`, to satisfy our desire for these unattainable exotic beasts. Also the crushing weight of the Insurance Premium is enough to put you off, even if you could afford one. But to the brave, lucky and probably rich few who are in the position to purchase one, i say `good on you` quickly followed by `can i have a go!` At sometime or another we all see an exotic sports car that we desire, we can dream.

For the vast majority of us, we are resolved to hire an exotic sports car in order to fulfill our boy hood dreams. Finding the price, insurance and did i forget the ever rising price of fuel to run these gas guzzlers just to much to afford. But it does not stop us wanting one, dreaming of one, and doing the lottery every week in the hope of getting one. But thats what makes them Exotic, and makes them