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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Car Gear Levers

First gear will provide the greatest force at the driving wheel and is almost always the gear that you will select to get the car in motion. As you speed up, you will need to change up in the gears. Each one will give you less gear force but more road speed. The top gear provides you with the least force, but the widest range of speeds.

Most modern cars will have five speeds, but many newer cars or heavier vehicles will have more. As well as the general gears, there will also be a reverse one. When the car is in neutral, no gear will be engaged.
The clutch links the engine to the road wheels through the gearbox and allows the gradual connection of the engine to the wheels.

Four wheel drive vehicles may have a double gearbox, one will be the standard gears and the other will be a high and low-ratio range gearbox. This effectively will double the number of gears that are available to around 8 or 10. When going off road it is normally the low range that should be used.

Most cars have the same gearing system. The first four normally form an ‘H’ while the fifth and reverse gear form an additional ‘I’. Changing from fifth to reverse is usually protected, and the lever automatically springs back into the neutral position when no gear is engaged. This tendency of the gear stick to line up with particular gears is known as ‘Bias’. The third and the fourth gears are normally lined up.

Four speed gearboxes have the gears in an ‘H’, with reverse gear extended on the left or the right.

Although in the beginning changing the gears can seem a little difficult, in time it comes second nature, you should always remember don’t look down at the gear lever. When learning, try to have a mental picture of the gear layout, this will always allow you to change gear correctly and without looking down.

All about Custom Street Cars

The speed of the car is determined by its acceleration RPM and top speed. Other factors like weight design do matter in making a car zoom through roads. Let’s have a look at the features of some of the best and the fastest street cars of the world.

1996 Ferrari f 50

1996 Ferrari f 50 is one of the fastest street cars in the world today. This car accelerates from a speed of 0-60 miles in a heart throbbing 3.7 seconds. Its acceleration from 0-100 miles takes at about just 8 seconds. Wonder if this car passes by you. The maximum speed of this Ferrari f 50 is 207 miles per hour.

The car is definitely meant to leave the time behind. Buy the one and see your friends and neighbors dying to get a ride.

This is one of its type cars. It is placed at a price of whopping $480,000. Well money is never a problem for those who want the best and own the best. This car weighs 2710 pounds and covers 15-23 miles in a single gallon of gas. With 6 speed manual gear transmission you can enjoy the pulsating speed of this car. The engine of the car is at about 4700 cc and it boosts a power of incredible 513 bhp @8500 rpm.

So what are you waiting for, don’t you want this super fast street car for yourself.

1997 McLaren F1

If you are crazy about speed and want a machine which rides the clouds McLaren F1 is among the best option that you can chose. This one of its kind car has an amazing acceleration of 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.3 seconds, and 0-100 miles per hour in mere 7.7 seconds. This machine is all set to pump your adrenalin to the max.

This car is priced at a sky soaring $890,000. Despite a very high price of this car, people fall in love with it. This car consists of a 6 speed manual gear transmission which would take you through as if you were riding clouds. This car produces a power of 627 bhp and its maximum speed 231 miles per hour. With an engine of 6064 cc this car gives a mileage of 12 mile per gallon of gas.

2003 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron

A word of caution: Driving 2003 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron can make you leave everything behind. With an acceleration of 0-60 miles per in just 3 seconds, this car is one of the best in the category of the fastest cars available in the world today. It is priced at a rate of $800,000. This car gives you the power of 1001 bhp with a sold engine of 7993 cc. The maximum speed of this car touches a mind blowing 252 miles per hour. Now that is what you call a real fast car. The car gives you the advantage to zoom ahead of all the other cars with a combination of a 7-speed manual gear transmission system.

Maintenance Gear Pumps

Sometimes, gear pump bearing composes of a specially designed surface layer of PTFE formulations and is specifically applied for the high PV value. It can be used in medium, high-pressure gear pump, ram pump, and vane pumps and so on. As it is without lead, it makes the bearing lubricating condition cleaner, and in accordance with environmental request.

Although there are many other applications that use gear pumps, the most common example is the hydraulic gear pump that is used in the transmissions of many vehicles. Since it is so commonly used on vehicles, the proper maintenance becomes rather necessary because good maintenance tips might be able to save you the considerable expense.

The most important component you should pay attention to is the gear pump bearing because defective bearings allow the gears in the pump to shift position in the chamber, rather than remaining straight and true. Thus, you should check them to ensure their proper performance. And if pump bearings have some problems, you have to remove them by using a bearing puller.

Besides, you should check the teeth in the gears for signs of wear and tear. A brand new gear pump usually ships with a clearance of about 0.005 to 0.007 inches between the teeth of the gears and the chamber wall. This clearance is just enough for a piece of very thin wrapping paper. Therefore, you can use this type of paper to check the clearance between the gear teeth. If the paper slides in and out between the teeth too easily, then the gears have been worn due to scrubbing or poor lubrication.

Information of Exotic Sports Cars

Lets face it most of us will never own one of them, most of us will never even get to drive or sit in an exotic sports car. We just have to make so with editions of the latest `Top Gear`, to satisfy our desire for these unattainable exotic beasts. Also the crushing weight of the Insurance Premium is enough to put you off, even if you could afford one. But to the brave, lucky and probably rich few who are in the position to purchase one, i say `good on you` quickly followed by `can i have a go!` At sometime or another we all see an exotic sports car that we desire, we can dream.

For the vast majority of us, we are resolved to hire an exotic sports car in order to fulfill our boy hood dreams. Finding the price, insurance and did i forget the ever rising price of fuel to run these gas guzzlers just to much to afford. But it does not stop us wanting one, dreaming of one, and doing the lottery every week in the hope of getting one. But thats what makes them Exotic, and makes them stand alone from a sports car. If everyone had one, they just would not be exotic now would they? I want one im sure you do too, exotic sports cars don’t you just love them. Right im off to watch top gear!