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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Information of Smart Car

Environmentally-friendly. Not only is this small car fuel-efficient, averaging around 40 mpg, but it has several other environmentally-friendly features as well. The smart for two car uses innovative energy-efficient and recyclable materials in its construction. In fact, 95% of the vehicle is recyclable and the dash material is made from recycled synthetics.

Easy to park and drive. The smart car has a very small footprint. At less than 9 feet long, it’s nearly 3 feet shorter than the already diminutive Mini Cooper. Of course, a big reason for that is that it’s only a 2-seater. But the short size means this car is super easy to park, especially in tight spots or short spots where other cars wouldn’t fit. It’s also got a great turning radius that makes it very maneuverable.

Appearance. No one can argue that the smart fortwo car is not unique in its design and appearance. See one, and you will never forget it, whether you like it or not! Many people’s first impression is that it is just so darn cute. When Mercedes Benz brought the smart fortwo car to the United States, they updated its image to be more cutting edge, with more chrome, a bit longer hood section and updated headlights and dashboard area. You can also change out the plastic body panels to give it a whole new color, or purchase a car wrap with some kind of unique print or design on it.

Safety design. Most people’s first reaction when they see this tiny car is something along the lines of, “How could such a small car be safe on the road” However, what make the smart car so unique is Mercedes Benz attention to safety. From the innovative tridion safety cell, a sort of safety cage, to its 4 airbags and advanced braking system, the smart car is built for safety. Crash tests have consistently proved Mercedes’ safety claims. Anecdotal evidence, as published on the website, also supports those claims.

Surprisingly roomy inside. Another surprising benefit of the smart car is its interior roominess. There is plenty of leg room for both driver and passenger. Head room is great too, with men as tall as 6’6″ fitting in the driver’s seat comfortably. The cargo area is also quite roomy for a small car. We fit a 50-pound black lab and 2 other dogs in our hatch when we go hiking. And we’ve toted home as many as 8 grocery bags and a case of soda when we go food shopping.

Perfect commuter car. The smart fortwo car was originally designed as a “city car” for crowded European city-dwellers, and that is its greatest value in the United States, as well. It makes a great commuter car, with its roominess, solid gas mileage and zippy performance on the roads, not to mention ease of parking.

Of course, no car is perfect for everyone, and this one is no exception. It does have a few features that could be improved, as well as some aspects that just make it the wrong choice for certain people.

Size vs. other cars on the highway. Despite its considerable safety features, there is no question that the smart car is much smaller than just about every other vehicle on the highway. So, there is a good chance that if you are involved in an accident with a big SUV or truck, you might come out the loser. However, there are accounts of smart cars faring better than other larger vehicles in an accident. One advantage of its small footprint is that it might be able to avoid collisions that a larger vehicle could not.

No cruise control. As mentioned above, the smart car was designed as a commuter, in-town type of car. Perhaps that’s why, despite a number of other high-end features, it lacks a cruise control option. If you do plan to travel in it or your commute involves highway driving, chances are you are going to miss having cruise control.

Unusual transmission. Smart cars have what is termed an “automated manual transmission.” What that means is that you have an option between going completely automatic or using a modified manual transmission. Most people find that keeping it in automatic means slightly sluggish gear shifting. That is easily remedied, however, by switching to the automated manual mode. This is a clutch-less manual transmission, meaning you are in charge of using the stick shift or paddle shifters on the steering wheel to switch gears, but you don’t have to coordinate with a clutch. The manual mode is super easy to use, even if you’ve never driven a stick shift before, and provides for a much zippier gear-shifting experience.

Limited passenger seating and cargo space. Smart cars only have 2 seats – the driver’s seat and one passenger seat. So they’re not meant to be family cars. And while the cargo hatch area is surprisingly roomy, it is still less than 8 cubic feet. So you won’t be hauling any lumber or large pieces of furniture in it.

Pick Nitro RC Car

Firstly, here are some basics; Nitro RC cars run off a Nitro based fuel which gives them incredible performance and speed. Depending on the size of the model, engine sizes range from 2cc up to 4.5cc and some of these engines develop as much as 4.5hp which is a huge amount of power for their size. They are also incredibly popular. Their performance, choice and affordability mean that they are possible the most popular type of model. There are so many different kinds to choose from but the two basic categories are off road and on road.

Off road Nitro RC cars are buggies and truggies which are built for tough terrain. These models are able to tackle very rough terrain at high speeds whilst still being very balanced. These models speeds and ability off road makes them incredibly popular and extremely contagious. An added bonus is that these rc cars can be used anywhere meaning they are very versatile.

On road rc cars are designed to be used on smooth surfaces. These models are suitable to be used on streets and roads but ideally they are built for the track and some serious off road racing! You now need to decide whether you want a ready built kit or a build it yourself kit. What you choose depends on whether you want to enjoy the process of building the model yourself or whether you just want to use it straight away and get out racing!

A ready to run Nitro RC car is already fully built which will come with all the things you need to use it straight away. The model will come fully assembled with all the servos and radio gear and the engine meaning you can get racing immediately. All you will need to buy is some Nitro fuel to power it. A build it yourself Nitro RC car comes in kit form meaning that you will build the car from scratch. Most online retailers and model shops will do special deals where the kit will come with an engine and all the necessary radio gear for one price.

If it is your first model or you are buying one for a family member, my advice is to buy one ready built so that you can become fully accustomed to maintaining and assembling model cars. Once you have experience, then you are ready to buy a build it yourself kit. When searching for a Nitro RC car, do some diligent research in the internet. There are lots of online stores that sell these kinds of models so have a look at these websites, look at reviews, take some advice from members of online forums and then choose one based on your research.

About Accessorize Car

Interior style
As far as interior accessories go, there are many on the market, which all can make your interior far more comfortable, luxurious and interesting looking. Adding little additions, such as a steering wheel cover in a smooth leather material will portray the look of luxury to passengers, not to mention make the steering wheel more comfortable and soft under your touch.

Why not style your gear knobs to brighten up your car? Aluminum plated gear knobs give off a great shine, making them a focus point in the car, helping draw away attention from the untidiness of your car. Aluminum gear knobs come in various colours, including silver, platinum red and blue, enabling you to match them with your interior or exterior colour palette.

Plush furnishings for the car are also available, including car seat covers and mats – all of which can be found in various sizes, colours and patterns. These add a bit of nice detail to the interior of the car, covering up all those boring dull colours which can look so boring.

If you are looking for something a bit more outlandish, try different coloured lighting for your car interior, which will give a more ambient mood over the bright white lights in car that can be uncomfortable.

Moreover, you can style out your car with a good looking car audio system that matches. A smart chrome or black system often complements the interior of the car. However, if you want to add a bit of colour there are various car audio accessories in brighter colours, including flaming orange and zesty lime green.

Exterior style
It’s far easier to style out your interior with a few accessories as there is so much to choose from. The exterior, on the other hand is not as versatile, yet, you can create some really wonderful effects by using a few simple exterior accessories. Add exterior under car lighting to brighten up the night as you drive along, or attach stickers to decorate your car. Furthermore, you could invest in some cool looking alloy wheels to give you car that extra sheen.

Drive Car Using Water

-Drive using the correct gear

Always drive in the highest gear possible without dragging the engine for too long. Once you feel you need to change gear, do it.

-Brake slowly

Instead of using the brake to slow down, trying let then car slow down by using engine brake. Use its stored momentum.

-Look way ahead

Stay alert, look ahead of where you are going to drive to. Plan and move gradually.

All these tips and ways to increase fuel consumptions comes down to one advise:
The harder you press on the accelerator pedal, the more fuel you use, the more money you need to spend on fuel.

For people who are spending around US$70 per month on fuel, this 20% fuel efficiency would help you save around US$840 per year. Imagine what you can do with the amount saved. You can either take your family for a quick weekend getaway or invest in a new technology that can convert your conventional car to run on both water and fuel just like those hybrid cars on the market.