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Change Gear Fluid

Place your floor jack at the correct position, preferably in the middle of rear axle under the main housing. Elevate until you have enough room to comfortably get under the vehicle on your creeper. Place your jack stands under the rear axle, one on each side of main housing. Make sure they are set high enough and placed correctly in order to give you plenty of room to maneuver on your creeper.

Most rear housing drains are located exactly on the bottom of the main housing; some are located slightly higher and are always located below the fill hole. You’ll need a crescent wrench or an Allen wrench to remove drain plug. Turn the plug counter clockwise until it’s removed and grease will begin to drain. When the housing is empty, pay particular attention to the findings in the bottom of the drain pan. Look for evidence of metal filings. Metal filings indicate some wear on the gears but if there isn’t an excessive amount, don’t worry about it. All gears produce small flakey filings.

Replace your drain plug and make sure you get it tight. Your fill plug will be located on either side of the main housing and will require the same tool for removal. Remove the plug, using a small funnel or small suction gun. Replace the old grease with the new, but do not overfill. Usually, you can fill until it starts to run out of the fill hole. Then, replace your plug quickly. Clean your tools and remove the jack stands. This is a safe and cost-efficient way of changing your gear fluid and maintaining your vehicle.