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Some Steps Drive Sports Car

Step 1: When speeding up, you need to accelerate smoothly. That requires a gradual throttle on the accelerator and not a juddering movement that can cause imbalance on the car. This will help round those corners smoothly like a pro. It is important to remember this as there are many brands of cars that lose balance and stability when the accelerator is jerked suddenly.

Step 2: Never leave the wheels-unless you need to shift gears, of course. Most car racing pros suggest that you glue your hands at the center of the right side and the center of the left side. If you want to round that corner, turn the wheel but do not slide your hands. Keep them in much the same place even if you have to do a complete 90% turn of your wheel-in this case your arms are pretty much crossing with each other already. But this is the most efficient way to manoeuvre that car on corners.

Step 3: If you want to shift, do it in a very smooth motion. That means apply gradual pressure on the gear level to slowly transition to a fast and smooth shifting method. You can pause for a few seconds when shifting gears. This will allow your car to adjust to the speed and will greatly lessen any mechanical damages to your car.

Step 4: When you are downshifting and braking, the pros divulge one of their secrets-the heel and toe mechanism. When you do this in downshifting, you only need to turn your foot on the brake and then shift it on the gas pedal. This will help keep RPMs at its upstate even when you are braking so you do not lose your speed and need to accelerate again. This is a good method when racing.